sms marketing services in hyderabad

Sms Marketing Services (Bulk SMS)

Increase leads and customer satisfaction with smarter SMS campaigns, prompt instant OTPs, notifications, advertisement & proclamation, two-way intercommunication, and other outstanding bulk SMS services. Digital Webglow is The most contemporary, easy to use, and all-inclusive service platform.

Easily send powerful SMS campaigns

Prosperously personalize your SMS with names or characteristic addiction fields, consist of in 20+ languages, schedule/stagger your sends, add outcome path and more. Get trounce-in-class SMS delivery.

5-minute SMS API Assimilation

Automate sending and inheriting SMS from any website, CRM, or appositeness. Access charge less SMS APIs with exemplification codes in 10+ languages in conjunction with PHP, Java, .NET & more.

Convey more with SMS connection:

Effortlessly insert images, videos, PDFs, program sheets & more as shortened links in your SMS offensive and grapple your customers’ consideration. Transmit more in 160 characters. Digital Webglow on of the best flat-form provide

Receive SMS Through online:

Let your client instantly reach you by dispassionate texting into your short/long codes and magic formula. Set auto-replies or take the questioning and exchange forward on other channels.

Approach real-time delivery and click reports:

Amplification campaign outreach and performance with real-time SMS consignment of out-come reports, and unprocessed click metrics for all we blinks and connection sent as Digital Webglow short links

Get enterprise ready.:

calibration up mercilessly with our instant SMS entrance and features like towered account configuration for teams/authorization, user roles and prerogative, audit trail, request services & more.

Increase commitment with mobile solutions:

Create exemption vouchers and certificate, web surveys and structure right from our web entrance. Include conservatives as short URLs in your SMS campaigns on-the-fly and get higher acknowledgment rates.

Missed call numbers & duplicate VMNs:

Administer leads, receive support/leads investigation & more via a simple missed call and set up SMS instant automatic-replies. Receive missed calls & SMS on the equivalent number with our duplicate VMNs.

Connect with your client's via WhatsApp:

Contribute your client's with extensive and essential account/service updates, notifications, & more by auto Whatsapp messages. You can even receive client’s enquiries on Whatsapp and advance enduring the conversation.